Blockchains and more common distributed ledgers are a disruptive combination of established technologies which form an extremely valuable base for outstanding solutions. New use cases benefit from the possibility that multiple parties can agree upon some state and rules that allows to evolve it without relying on some single party. In a connected world where machines act it's necessary to have a trust-layer in order to reach appropriate consent.

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Fraud-detection-solution for (E-)bikes which in addition provides reliable data for smart-city-projects.

The solution consists of the necessary hardware inside the (e-)bike, the cloud-solution and the associated smart-contracts. The tracker has a battery-lifetime of 5-10 years without recharge and a form-factor which allows to integrate it inside the frame. The identity and the ownership of the (e-)bike is registered on a public permissionless blockchain. LTE Cat NB1 standardized by the 3GPP will be used as connectivity- and localization-technology which allows to track the (e-)bike even in basements where satellite-based systems (e.g. GPS) cannot be used. A new protocol named ALPS for "Advanced Low Power Security" will be used. The associated paper can be downloaded here.


Modular implementation of orchestrated components which form a consistent system which can handle an ICO.

Standard-supported-payment-options for investors are BTC, ETH and FIAT. Components are the smart-contracts (external audit included), the contribution-processor, the transaction-processor, the homepage, a fully integrated affiliate-system and background services for the administration, monitoring and maintenance of the system. Every component consists of a CORE- and a CUSTOM-part. The CORE-part encapsulates the best practices which we‘ve learned so far, the CUSTOM-part leaves space to introduce individual requirements. The team assists in the conceptual phase in order to tokenize the idea behind, designs the token-model and -lifecycle and helps to find appropriate marketing-strategies if needed. We are not allowed to give legal advice but are aware of the state of current law and share our connections.


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