In a connected world where machines act it's necessary to have a trust-layer in order to reach appropriate consent. Blockchains and more common distributed ledgers are a combination of established technologies which form an extremely valuable base for outstanding solutions. Use cases benefit from the possibility that multiple parties can agree upon some state and rules that allows to evolve it without relying on some single party.

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The question "Does my idea benefits from distributed ledger technologies?" is the first one we try to answer. We argue why it's a good or a bad choice.



We like to search new ways to solve problems in a creative way. If distributed ledger technologies can provide value we integrate them into the solution-proposal.



We support the ideas of others and partner with them.



We code to bring ideas to life.


The human beings behind the scenes.

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MA Simon Pfeifhofer

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Advanced Low Power Security

ALPS proposes a solution for a sustainable secure communication for LPWAN-devices summarized- and mentioned in this document as ALPS for Advanced Low Power Security. ALPS uses established cryptographic primitives and combines them according to a framework in order to help solution-architects and other decision-makers, which are facing the mentioned restrictions, requirements and associated challenges.


OraclesLink: An architecture for secure oracle usage

Smart contracts encode critical application logic for realizing digital agreements in a tamper-proof form. Blockchains guarantee that smart contracts cannot be altered after the first deployment and that the execution is strictly followed. Smart contracts can only operate on data available on-chain. Oracles are bridging the gap between on-chain and off-chain data. Oracles introduce a wide range of security risks, which were already exploited in publicly known hacks. In this paper OraclesLink is proposed, which is a secure and developer-friendly architecture for using oracles within smart contracts. The goal of the architecture is to eliminate single points of failure and single sources of truth through distribution. In order to demonstrate feasibility, a proof-of-concept implementation is provided.

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